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Railway models in virtual environments

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Beside temporary dioramas with photo backgrounds, encouraged by increasing graphical quality of computer games, I started some time ago to work with in-game screenshots. After some early tries, this has led to an interesting collaboration with several artists from the in-game photography community, which granted me the right to use their shots for my pictures. Similar as with the photo backgrounds, the screenshots are heavily edited. Sometimes, cutouts of several screenshots were combined into a new picture that didn't exits this way in the game environment.

Unfortunately, most of these partners from the in-game photography community have either moved to other platforms or switched to another kind of digital art. As a brand new development, AI-based picture generators have now become available for everybody. That offers me the fascinating opportunity to create my own virtual pictures to be used with my model scenes. So, in this gallery you also find first results. For the pictures of that kind, I used the Midjourney AI engine.

While some pictures are very realistic in the sense of a prototype-oriented model scene, other pictures are rather a piece of art. In some pictures, the combination of rolling stock from the transition era with dystopian near-future environments leads to a slightly surreal appearance.

The picture below is linked with a Flickr album on these pictures. The pictures are also to be found in a gallery on Deviantart.

Occasionally, selected pictures are shown at art exhibitions.

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