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Rail Traffic Control Simulations on Handheld Computers

German version

Sharp Netwalker

Some regular visitors of my homepage might still remember my former Psion pages where I offered railway glossaries for download in the Psion database format. In the meantime, as a passionate user of handheld computers, I moved from from the Psion to the Sharp Zaurus and finally to the Sharp Netwalker. As the earlier devices, the Netwalker is sold in Germany by Christoph Pulster. Different from the older devices, the Netwalker has the ability to run simulations of railway control systems.

The first photo shows a simulation of the user interface of an electronic CTC system of German Rrailways. The simulation is a DOS program and runs in a DOS emulation under Ubuntu Linux. The laptop in the background runs a British signal control simulation from www.simsig.co.uk, which I also used for two illustrations in the 2nd edition of Railway Operation and Control

The second photo shows the simulation of a Swiss-type mechanical lever frame. This program is a Java application

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

For handhelds, I have always preferred the clamshell design with a real keyboard. However, with clamshell devices disappearing from the market, for a new device I had no choice but buying a tablet. I picked the 7 inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Fortunately, it can also be used for rail traffic control simulations. The picture shows the same electronic CTC simulation as on the Sharp Netwalker. It runs as a DOS program in the Android DosBox.

Operation is a little tricky, however. When entering control commands, the command line is hidden under the on-screen keyboard.

CTC simulators on DVD

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