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US exhibition diorama 03 Due to the great visitor's feedback I got on the public presentation of my TT scale US layout at the Lok-N-Roll stand on the 2012 modell-hobby-spiel fair in Leipzig, Germany, I decided also to take part in the 2013 fair. This time, I built a diorama designed from the beginning on as an exhibition piece. It shows a fictitious scene in a Northeastern US city with a closed firehouse beside a rail yard. While not having a real prototype, there are several places in New York City that had that kind of atmosphere in the 1950s/60s, e.g., the area around former 30th street yard.

The background picture was made on a computer by combining modified cutouts of seven different photos of NYC. This way, I created a picture showing a typical NYC scene that never existed in reality. The fictitious 'Diesel City' advertising applied on the wall of the former firehouse is a little hommage to the Paris retro-fantasy artist Stefan.

As an exhibition piece, the diorama was designed to fit into a foldable storage box, which makes transportation easy.

US exhibition diorama 16

US exhibition diorama 07

US exhibition diorama 13

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