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Block Station Graben

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In 1982, my railway career started on this tower.

A few dates
Location km 31.6 of the Berlin - Hamburg main line
Lever frame mechanical, German standard type
Block system German standard interlocked manual block
Signals main signals: semaphores of the German standard type, distant signals: colour light signals of the Hl type
Adjacent control stations Westward station Nauen, tower "Not" (power frame of type S & H 1912)
Eastward station Brieselang, CTC tower "Fah" (type GSIISp64b)

East German railway life in 1982

Locomotive 50 3545 passing Bk Graben with westbound freight train 52178 on 28 June 1982

After the commissioning of the CTC controlled electronic interlocking system in Nauen in 2002, the tower was closed. However, it survived as an HO model on the club layout "Falkenhagener Kreuz" of the Oranienburg Model Railway Club:

This layout is occasionally shown at model railway exhibitions in the Berlin region.

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